Friday, December 5, 2014

Inaugural Community Quilt Drive Kicks Off

Quilts come with a lot of connotations. They are works of art, examples of expert craftsmanship, snapshots of lives and invaluable pieces of history.

They also offer warmth. As the weather turns colder here in Nebraska, our team wanted to do something to share the warmth we have at Quilt House with those in need. That is why we are collaborating with Phi Delta Theta to collect quilts for People's City Mission this holiday season. On December 19, we will deliver the quilts to the shelter for distribution. 

The mission offers shelter to people from all kinds of backgrounds ranging in age from infants to adults. We are accepting quilts of all sizes to meet the needs of their guests. The quilts will be distributed to the guests, who will get to keep them once they move on to their new homes. The quilts are something that will truly become theirs. 

Since beginning the drive last week, we have already received a number of quilt donations from visitors and volunteers here in Lincoln as well as deliveries from places like New Hampshire and New Mexico. They have come in all shapes and sizes and colors.

Today we are looking forward to a visit from our partners at Phi Delta Theta, who have been equally busy gathering quilts to donate to People's City Mission. Be sure to check our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for more photos as the quilts arrive.

If you are interested in donating a quilt to the People's City Mission, please deliver or ship it to:
Quilt House Attn: Quilt Drive  
1523 N. 33rd St.Lincoln, NE 68503
We appreciate the generosity so many of you have already displayed. 

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