Thursday, February 13, 2014

Roses are Red...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Instead of writing a poem or sending all of you chocolates, we thought we'd send you some flowers. Quilt flowers.

Enjoy taking a look at a few of the quilts from our collection that prominently feature flowers in their designs. You can search for more on your own by visiting our website and selecting "Search the Collections."

Pots of Flowers, maker unknown, possibly made in Holmes County,
Ohio, circa 1915-1935, 85 x 72 inches. IQSCM 1997.007.0558.

The Pots of Flowers pattern from the Ardis and Robert James Collection is an Amish quilt that is based on a kit that was widely circulated from the 1920s to1950s. It is rare, because Amish quiltmakers seldom used applique.

Rose Bower made by Rose Modjeska, probably made in
Downer's Grove, Ill., circa 1935, 85 x 72 inches. IQSCM 1997.007.0638.

From the Ardis and Robert James Collection, this quilt's pattern appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1935. Rose Pagers Modjeska was born and raised in Chicago. According to her grandson, Rose and her sisters would occasionally move the dining room furniture to set up a large quilt frame to work. He recognized this quilt as one she made with the help of her sisters.

Prairie Rose, maker unknown, possibly made in Indiana,
circa 1935, 92 x 90 inches. IQSCM 1997.007.0820.

Prairie Rose, from the Ardis and Robert James Collection, is also known as "California Rose." It appeared in "The Patchwork Book: The Women's World Service Library," from Manning Publishing Co. This quilt features exceptional feather quilting, which unfortunately isn't visible in this photo.

Whole cloth, maker unknown, probably made in Marseille, France,
circa 1830-1850, 60 x 54 inches. IQSCM 2005.018.0009.
From the Kathryn Wilson Berenson Collection, this Proven├žal wedding quilt was made circa 1825-1840 in the broderie de Marseille technique. The small floral nosegays include lilies, tulips, roses and marguerites or daisies. Fruit forms, symbolizing prosperity and fertility, include grapes, cherries, pears and pomegranates. The border holds garlands of leaves and flowers, with each corner marked with a kashmir cones formed with puffed center and outlined in corded puffs and rosemary sprays. It comes from the same atelier as a wedding quilt in our Byron and Sara Rhodes Dillow Collection.

Wreath of Roses, maker unknown, possibly made in Indiana,
circa 1930, 60 x 84 inches. IQSCM 2006.043.0042.

Wreath of Roses, from the Ardis and Robert James Collection, is a 1930s Marie Webster kit purchased from her Practical Patchwork Co. It features six repeated floral ring motifs with eight segmented roses each and an art deco scallop border.

As an added bonus, here's a Valentine-themed paper quilt you can print out and color:

We'd love to see your finished product. Snap a photo and post it on our Facebook page or send us a tweet on Twitter.

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